We build your digital ecosystem for superior strategy & leadership.

We are committed to building the world´s first and best system for augmentation of leadership processes and agile talenting. It allows a growing number of corporate professionals to work efficiently on the realization of dedicated strategies and create relevant result for own and corporate success.

Our credo, design thinking, helps us to create the very heart of future business.

Bringing out the best in others

People, teams and organizations are creative, hardworking and ambitious. These enormous assets deserve the best technology available to extend to their full potential and beyond.

In our professional life we have seen the majority of brilliant corporate strategies fading across organizations. All of a sudden, nothing happened.

Since 2010 it became quite obvious that increasing speed demands and the disruptive character of digital business can’t be handled with established tools. The new business works simultaneously and in real time – sending mails with long presentations or reports, doesn´t.

We felt the great need for a new technology – a different kind of system to support people and organizations to ensure that great strategies are coming directly to execution. We wanted the best system to transform the best ideas and strategies into reality. No matter on what scale.

We are dedicated to enable organizations to achieve superior results by providing a superior solution. And we want to build a successful and unparalleled company.

That’s exactly, why we have founded EVOLUTIONIZER.

We created a new type of company:
Not hybrid, but tribrid.

We are not a start up – we’re a start through.
Headquartered in Europe.

To realize our ambition, we needed a new kind of company: experienced business leaders, digital natives and leading academic think tanks. And that‘s exactly how we built our company ourselves.

 We have amalgamated our team from three basic origins:

  • Business leaders
    Highly seasoned international senior managers and engineers from various industries and top management consultancies with extensive experience in transformation processes.
  • Digital experts
    Digital specialists who wrote e-mails before they could walk, experienced software architects and world class coders. A complete team from Europe‘s current market leader in business intelligence software has joined us.
  • Academic think tanks
    Academics from leading universities and think tanks worldwide who are leading edge in leadership processes and business intelligence.

This amalgamate ensures highest relevance for corporate business and leading edge technology.

Most of us have had industrial leadership roles, were board members of multi-national companies or made extensive experience with process, restructuring and transformation programs in top management consultancies. With our digital colleagues, we share coming from leading universities, practices and think tanks. The range of our origins comprise the big five international consultancies, the world market leader ERP/Enterprise Resource Planning, the German BI/Business Intelligence market leader and the most famous universities worldwide.

The great thing is: in our careers, we all have been linked somehow and somewhere. We knew and know exactly, whom to approach. This is vital for combining characters and skills, when EVOLUTIONIZER was brought to life and now is thriving. We all are different from each other, in personality, in life experience or in skill set. But we all are dedicated passionately to our product idea, our company and to bring out the best in every member of our growing corporate clan.

To always offer the best product in market providing an outstanding benefit, we need the very best brains and hands and we will hopefully continue to attract outstanding people from diverse backgrounds sharing our mindset.


SOLYP becomes part of the EVOLUTIONIZER group

The two software companies have joined forces to digitize the entire value chain of the strategic planning and management process.

The combination of SOLYP3 and SOLYP 4.0 creates a technology platform that supports strategic analysis, strategy development, program steering of initiatives and strategy implementation.

The common goal: to use synergies, to combine competencies in strategic planning and implementation, and thus to create the perfect platform for corporate development and strategic corporate management.

We look forward to the common future and to many successful projects for our clients together!



Advisory Council

EVOLUTIONIZER may rely on its Advisory Council for inspiration, challenge and as sparring partners for ideas, product development and business issues.

They always keep their independent role – but we cherish them as intellectual high-caliber partners and are proud to be given the opportunity to exchange thoughts with them.


Networks, be they digital or in person, are the salt of the earth. We believe in strong networks. They help you to discuss issues in an agile way and to collect feedback and new perspectives. You can share thoughts and findings instantly with a high level of relevant findings. 

And networks are enlightening and fun. That is why we entertain and cherish our multi-national contacts to businesses in all sectors of the industry, science, politics, culture, NGOs, social purposes and to individuals who are committed. You’re never too good for not leaning to be better – and active sharing moves others and yourself forward.

Have a look at the links we recommend – sources, that are for us always moments to stop and think:

  • The Toyota Production Principles

    EVOLUTIONIZER gets inspired by the Toyota production principles – we want to bring productivitiy benefits that Toyota has brought to blue collar work now to white collar work.


  • Apple | Steve Jobs

    EVOLUTIONIZER gets inspired by Apple as we strive to create innovative software products that would meet the stringent design and intuitive usage standards of its founder Steve Jobs.


  • Universität St. Gallen, CH

    EVOLUTIONIZER get inspired by Universität St. Gallen, Switzerland, and its management model – a systems approach that is essential for building a profound leadership model.

    Management Model

  • Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik, St. Gallen, CH

    EVOLUTIONIZER is inspired by Professor Maliks solution for complex management challenges – with two basic models for institutions and for persons.


  • TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

    EVOLUTIONIZER gets inspired by TED – spreading ideas, improving knowledge, getting more curios. Academy and diversity at it’s best.

    Spreading ideas

  • The World Economic Forum | Prof. Klaus Schwab

    EVOLUTIONIZER gets inspired by the World Economic Forum as we share the passion of its founder Prof. Klaus Schwab to be entrepreneurs in the global public interest.


  • TESLA | Elon Musk

    EVOLUTIONIZER gets inspired by the unique willpower and perseverence of Elon Musk who likes to say “No, I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated”.

    Never give up


We are helping companies close their strategy execution gap. EVOLUTIONIZER allows our clients to realize objectives more efficiently and to excel in competition and talent management.

What an exiting journey lies ahead of us: think of all the new technology and elements we will face soon and even the ones which are not developed yet.

The future lies ahead – we can’t wait to reach it.

We are dedicated to creating a future for corporations and organizations to allow them to concentrate on their business models and intended purposes:

Destination is not the journey, it´s the goal.