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Dagmar Recklies

Dagmar Recklies offers positioning support to enterprises and entrepreneurs to enhance sales. In her work, she always keeps an eye on sustainable corporate strategies and their according implementation in marketing. She is a coach, moderator and speaker. Find more information on her website or via e-mail.

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Dagmar Recklies
June 2019
5 minutes

Positioning as a Link Between Corporate Strategy and Customers

Positioning is not primarily about changing products or services, but about actively designing how customers and leads perceive the company. Thus, corporate strategy always affects the positioning of an enterprise and its offers in the eyes of the customers.

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November 2015
10 minutes

Are classic strategy tools still relevant?

The corporate environment is characterized by rapidly increasing complexity, dynamics and decreasing predictability. This situation requires new approaches to thinking and acting from management and those responsible for strategy.

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