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Dr. Alexander Koch

Dr. Alexander Koch is a partner of Weissman & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG, a business consultancy specializing in family businesses. He offers consulting mainly in the field of strategy and organization development.

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Dr. Alexander Koch
September 2019
9 minutes

Agile organizational development with OKRs

It is so easy to say: The organizational structure has to fit the strategy: Structure follows Strategy. That is true at its core, but also very demanding in times of ever faster changing conditions. How can the established stable forms of organization of many family-owned companies meet those new requirements?

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May 2019
5 minutes

Five approaches to strategy

As business environments have grown more diverse in recent decades, picking the right approach to strategy for each context has become increasingly important. We believe there are five broad approaches to strategy.

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March 2019
12 minutes

Market segmentation – factor of success in strategic work

How does a clear market/customer segmentation benefit strategic business development? How can segmentation be carried out pragmatically? The following article provides food for thought on the basis of our experience with lots of medium-sized family businesses.

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