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Meinrad Arnold

Meinrad Arnold was born in 1963 in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. In more than 30 years as trainer, executive, managing director, leadership and management consultant, he collected his pictures on the subject of leadership.

His leadership model includes experiences from different regions, people and cultures. The focus is on effective and authentic leaders who are characterized primarily by trust, respect and esteem.

He is convinced that leadership is always individually oriented towards the individual and requires the inclusion of the current situation. His understanding of leadership breaks with rigid personnel systems in which people are classified and managed. In 2008 he published "Tierische Management-Visionen (animalistic management visions)", a picture book for managers.

Today Meinrad Arnold works for an international company in the field of Talent Management and Corporate Training. He lives in Constance with his wife Sylvia and their sons Moritz and Philipp.

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Meinrad Arnold
November 2019
6 minutes

Give and take feedback

"Give and take feedback" can be found in all leadership programs. In contrast, implementation in practice is often not very consistent. But feedback is one of the most effective tools of leadership development.

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July 2019
4 minutes

Promoting and developing the personality of people

Developing and promoting people is a plea against changing the personality of people. It is therefore one of the most important tasks of managers to take people as they are.

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