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Prof. Dr. Thorn Kring

Prof. Dr. Thorn Kring is leader of Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Human Resources Management at Steinbeis University Berlin. The institute’s key areas are ethics in business and leadership, employee management and human resources management. He is involved in several research projects in the context of digital transformation and its impact an leadership. His focus are companies as learning organizations, the analysis and design of learning processes on company and employee level.

As academic Leader of zeb Business School at Steinbeis University Berlin he and his team transfer their research results and leverage these insights to design modern digital learning architectures for their bachelor and master programs. As Senior Advisor Human Capital Management, Development and Corporate Learning at EVOLUTIONIZER GmbH he is engaged in issues concerning human resource management in times of digital transformation.

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Prof. Dr. Thorn Kring
January 2020
5 minutes

Modern Change Management

When discussing the requirements of modern change management, one is sometimes confronted with the sentence "Everything flows". It is intended to characterize the dynamics of change in companies, to make it clear that companies and their employees must be able and willing to change if they want to survive economically in the future.

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