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Strategic models

Strategic models support the strategy process in the company and can be very different – but they pursue a common goal in the end.

Definition of strategic models

They are tools in the strategy process of a company, they help in the development of the strategy, in in execution, in the implementation and the subsequent control. They support the strategic planning of the company and identify a wide variety of optimization needs.

Description of the strategic models

Strategic models must first of all take into account the framework conditions of the company that have an effect on the company from the environment. Then it is important to consider the requirements of customers, employees and shareholders and to derive a common vision for the company. The vision results in strategic goals that need to be operationalized for daily operations. The vision is complemented by the corporate mission statement that shapes the company in the external relationship.

At the same time, it is being implemented through the guiding principles that decisively determine the company's internal relationship. Finally, strategic models must also set a target pyramid in which all operational objectives are captured and substantiated, based on the top strategic goals.

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