Learn & Innovate

The framework for your strategy can change before the ink dries on the strategic plan. With Solyp 4.0, you continually evaluate your premises, balancing them with the experience gained during implementation. When changes become necessary, you can act quickly, decisively and with consistency.

Find the change before it finds you

Quickly spot shifting premises for your strategy and execution, and react accordingly.

See the strategic consequences of change

Model different scenarios and understand the potential outcomes as you adjust your strategy.

Drive innovation

Tap into the collective knowledge of your organization to identify new trends early and integrate them in your strategy.

Solyp 4.0 features for Strategy Managers


Validate your strategy and verify results

Track performance and continuously align your strategic initiatives with your end goals. Identify deviations early.


Course-correct to stay on target

Regularly evaluate the path you are taking. Is it still the most direct, or are adjustments needed?


Leverage collective knowledge to drive innovation

Your employees are a key resource for identifying challenges, ideas and potential innovations. AI-based text evaluation enables you to access their knowledge.


Adjust the Action Plan

Monitor actual effort expended to identify implementation bottlenecks and congestion; tailor your plans accordingly.

Solyp 4.0 solutions for Strategy Adaption

Solyp for Crisis Strategy helps you handle a crisis immediately and without distraction.

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