Strategy Development

Do the right things.

In today's complex and dynamic environment, all companies must choose the right initiatives and investments for long-term success. Solyp 4.0 gives you the support and methodology to develop your strategy and the platform to manage your initiative portfolio, ensuring that you stay on track and can adapt as needed.

Keep an eye on the environment

Monitor the changing trends and drivers in your market environment and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Use consistent methodology

Root your strategic decision-making in consistent and proven methodology, supported by enhanced collaboration.

Optimize investment

Avoid bad investments and wasted resources —continuously align all initiatives and investments with your strategy.

Solyp 4.0 features for Strategy Professionals


Identify strategic drivers

Use proven, well-defined processes to analyze the trends, drivers and assumptions that underpin your strategy. Leverage the full knowledge of your organization for optimal insight.


Manage your entire strategic process

Establish a structured process to develop your strategy. Use key information to create a framework and set a baseline for future reference and comparison.


Define your strategic roadmap

Create roadmaps that link your strategy to the investments and initiatives that will deliver results. Use well-established techniques to assess potential impacts.


Optimize resource use for maximum impact

Model different approaches in order to clarify “trade-off” decisions. From there, you can optimize resource use and employee output for maximum strategic impact.

Solyp 4.0 solutions for Strategy Development

Solyp for Crisis Strategy helps you handle a crisis immediately and without distraction.

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