Your strategic process – software driven

From analysis to decision, Solyp integrates all your tools for an interactive map of your strategic processes, all connected and tailored to the needs of your business units.

Strategy, revolutionized for a VUCA world

All your relevant strategic information, challenges, options, directions and more are up to date and readily available in a structured format. Increase your strategic agility permanently, and enable proactive action.
Create the right connections between people, units, methods and strategic content to steer your organization in a common direction. Enable proactive alignment within the company and thus shorten your "braking distance."
Implement end-to-end strategic processes, event-driven or as a regular routine in the organization, via the central department or as a bottom-up process from the business units.

Anchor a functioning standard for the analysis, development and formulation of your overall and BU strategies throughout the organization.

Strategically aligned and always ready for change.

Activate strategic knowledge

Organize and activate the existing collective strategic knowledge of your organization

Increase strategic readiness

Proactive, flexible, anticipatory and initiative strategic mindsets and actions

Tuned in at all times

Stick together as a company through the change; act with unity and consistency

Your single platform for integrated strategy management

Our solution for the strategic process, rooted in the Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy. Best-practice processes and methods, rapid implementation, secure and scalable. Learn more about the advantages of the Solyp platform.
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Selected Features

Consistent & structured
Create & customize easily
Flexible Surveys
Results in real-time
Best-Practice Templates
Tried & proven
Excel & PowerPoint at the push of a button
Interface & Guidance
Simple, user-centered guidance
Data model
Multidimensional evaluation and visualization
Tool configurator
Maximum flexibility without development costs
Integration & Connectivity
Seamless connection and integration through standard interfaces

Customized solutions for every process

As diverse as your requirements. Discover more solutions:

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