How Schuler AG shapes the future with Solyp

The gains throughout the strategic process — in efficiency, agility and transparency — have been enormous.

Thomas Herrlinger, Head of Strategic Corporate Development & Investor Relations,
Schuler AG


As a global leader in forming technology, Schuler offers presses, automation solutions, tools, process technology and service for the entire metalworking industry as well as for automotive engineering. Customers include auto manufacturers and suppliers as well as companies from the forging, household appliance, packaging, energy and electrical industries. Schuler is a leader in technology and builds system solutions in the aviation, aerospace, rail and large-diameter tube industries. Ready and available for its customers worldwide, Schuler’s international presence is strong, with 6,600 employees in more than 40 countries.

Digital strategy process on the global level

Eight globally operating divisions reflect Schuler’s diversity of product applications as well as market structure. The whole framework has been completely digitized via Solyp since 2015.

According to Thomas Herrlinger, "One huge gain from using Solyp for the digital strategic process is that the division decision-makers themselves can see the key topics." Identifying potential new markets, for example, utilizing projected sales figures and a development trend, requires the know-how specific to the division. The strategic thrust toward conquering new markets starts here.

Strategic planning with Solyp offers two major advantages over Excel- and PowerPoint-based processes: At any given time, the system can be closed, or “versioned,” specifically for the divisions. This eliminates the need to constantly readjust market estimates in countless files, and it enables the creation of a final database that the executive board can use to make its decision.

Plausibility checks may be done via dashboard. Does the expected market trend align with strategic initiatives? Furthermore, constant reconciliation with earlier plans can detect possible inconsistencies early on.

How can Solyp 4.0 support your strategic work?

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