Integrated development of strategic objectives

Taking hard and soft data into account and combining them is one of Solyp's key strengths.

Michael Doskocz, Head of Strategic Corporate Development, Sto SE & Co. KGaA


Sto SE & Co. KGaA specializes in thermal insulation of facades, old buildings and houses. They conduct a systematic, goal-oriented and action-driven strategic planning process throughout the Group. Their success is based on many factors: their independence, transparent corporate structure and market orientation. Sto is active worldwide; its subsidiaries complement the portfolio in an optimal way and are closely connected to the parent company. Thus, collaborating across borders is a cultural asset at Sto.

A strategic view of IT

Prior to the introduction of Solyp, the company struggled in particular with a lack of cohesiveness for its strategically relevant data and information, as well as the lack of a unifying standard for analyzes, methods and presentation content. All of this led to a considerable amount of extra time spent for the central strategy department. The flood of information was"simply no longer manageable," says Michael Doskocz.

Thanks to the Solyp platform, which was introduced in 2012 on the initiative of the Group's Management Board, the company now has a standardized and integrated tool for formulation and deployment of goals.

The company’s strategic process is based on two basic principles: rolling five-year planning and consistent target cascading.

"The continuous follow-up gives life to the process," explains Doskocz.

At present, Sto and Solyp are working on mapping the implementation of IT Governance and Business Capability Management into the platform, so that the necessary resources, costs and value contribution of each of Sto’s various programs and projects may be clearly identified and targeted at any time.

How can Solyp 4.0 support your strategic work?

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