Strategy & Leadership 4.0

When it comes to corporate strategy, agile leadership is a must – and nothing drives agility more effectively than a digital solution.

Our mission: Provide the best digital enterprise solution to support your leadership throughout the strategic and corporate transformation process.


Digital transformation – mastered


Constantly adapting to all manner of change, companies are continuously transforming themselves. They are establishing new business models, processes, structures and cultures. Today’s challenge is more complex than ever: Companies must develop, implement, assess and adjust that transformation while successfully conducting regular business.

At an ever-increasing speed and with greater agility.

This world of constant change presents new but clear requirements for successful corporate transformation. Software-based management systems, project management tools, spreadsheets, presentation tools, editors and email must coalesce in seamless integration. Only then can we efficiently and productively manage a transformation, bringing speed and precision to the implementation process. Only then can we solidify and expand our competitive position. Digitization must be mastered with digital tools that integrate.

At Evolutionizer, we know that strategic development and corporate transformation form the core of the entrepreneurial process. In the age of global digitization, we empower you to master your own transformation, at an ever-increasing speed. Our cloud-based solution fuses perfectly with your organization. No complex IT migration – just a smart integration of your everyday tools.

Give your core processes a digital home and methodological foundation.

Closing the loop on strategy with Solyp 4.0


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Using proven business methodology, our closed-loop system builds the bond between your strategy – plans, investments and assumptions – and its implementation, tracking your progress toward financial goals. Monitor your use of resources, and continuously assess priorities, scope, quality, costs, and work hours in light of your efforts. Adopt proven best-practices and enhance your organization’s knowledge in the process.

Carefully verify and validate expected benefits, and cross-check actual results against your strategic objectives and assumptions. Identify emerging challenges early on, with sufficient time to adapt your plans and execution.

Leverage the knowledge of your organization to discover innovation and uncover disruption. Streamline the feedback process to gain new insights into your evolving strategic plan.

Solyp 4.0 – our enterprise cloud for strategy – supports you in successfully managing your corporate transformation.


Strengthen your decision-making with best-practice methodology, and draw upon the knowledge and experience of your colleagues worldwide. Gain valuable insight with intelligent analytics.


Create action plans based on available resources as you manage and implement your strategic initiative portfolio. Generate board-ready reports at the push of a button.


See the results of your implementation in real time and adapt your strategy to current developments. Identify necessary corrections early and react immediately.

Transformation: Planned, managed, measured


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Modularization, Standardization,
Systematization, Automatization

have boosted productivity by orders of magnitude in BLUE COLLAR WORK

Modularization, Standardization,
Systematization, Automatization

will have an even bigger impact on WHITE COLLAR WORK.

They are the guiding principles behind our enterprise cloud for strategy.

Applying artificial intelligence in enterprise transformation


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