April 2020
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5 Sources to Activate the Collective Intelligence of the Company

This Is How You Use Crowd Intelligence to Master the Remaining Uncertainties in a Sustainable and Resource-Saving Way.

In times of crisis, our 5 sources can help to activate the collective intelligence of the company. (Image: MicroStockHub/istockphoto.com)

The initial shock of the corona crisis has been overcome, and the economic effects will continue to accompany us for a very long time. We must assume that volatility and uncertainty in our markets will continue to increase and become the new normality in the business world. The unknown will become permanently greater, we are forced to become even more agile as a company. The "Great Man" has had its day. The only effective way to achieve adaptability and speed is to increase the density of networking within the organization, to actively use the experience and knowledge of many people and the right evaluation methods.

We must ensure that the flow of information from the front is simple and fast, that information is bundled, evaluated and decisions are made quickly. This is important in order to distribute concrete actions after the decision has been made and to diffuse them throughout the organization.

Figure: Activating the collective intelligence of the company with Evolutionizer Enterprise Strategy Suite

With These 5 Sources You Activate the Collective Intelligence of Your Company

This provides the best possible basis for informed decisions and effective interventions.

  1. Secure liquidity and strengthen cost position through Crisis-Initiative-Management
    The aim is to achieve permanent transparency regarding current activities and the expected impact of activities on liquidity, costs, profit and sales.
  2. Cushioning potential disruptions and risks through Fault & Risk Monitoring
    Identifying occurring faults and risks at an early stage and evaluating them in the form of scenarios on a higher level in order to immediately initiate the right countermeasures and thus avoid potential damage.
  3. Remove the barriers to correct action on site through Agility-Enablement
    Ongoing comparison of current success-critical skills with the acute challenges on site. This reveals the nodes that are hindering the necessary agility on site and that need to be untangled in the short term.
  4. Identifying the need for action for adaptability through Change-Monitoring
    Assessment of the ability and speed of change in the areas on the front line that have been affected differently by the crisis. This is done with the aim of introducing the right measures for each area in order to support change and correctly assess the effectiveness of the interventions.
  5. Enable crisis-adapted communication through Issue-Clustering
    The aim is to obtain information about the problems, open questions and also ideas of those affected in an unstructured way, via permanent feedback channels. Based on the qualitative feedback from the crisis front, text-clustering procedures of transfer learning are used to efficiently generate comprehensive insights with measurable benefits.

We must begin now to actively leverage knowledge in the organization. It is the only way to increase the internal and urgently needed agility and to mobilize those self-organizing forces that are crucial for success in uncertain times. Strategic management, leadership and organizational control will (have to) function differently in the post-Corona era than they did before the crisis.

The time for new, modern approaches and instruments of strategic management and corporate governance has long since arrived. The current situation makes painfully clear how urgent the need for action actually is. "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste..."

There Is No Alternative to Software Support

Software support is not an option for mastering a crisis, but a prerequisite for making agility and the ability to act efficiently possible in the first place. Software is the key to getting the costs of crisis management under control and avoiding painful risks in the short term.

At the same time, it prepares the ground for a new type of management and control that is so urgently needed in our organizations. A control system that activates the existing intelligence of the company in a new, effective, and highly efficient way. We will be amazed at the power that will be unleashed and angry at why we have not taken these steps before.

Get the whitepaper paper on the topic for free. It describes the 5 sources for activating the collective intelligence of the company and what is essential to master the next phase of the crisis in a resource-saving, successful and especially sustainable way.

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