About us

The people behind Evolutionizer

Evolutionizer is a European software and solution company, founded by experienced business leaders, top management consultants and talented IT experts specializing in enterprise software applications. Together, we build what is urgently needed in the age of digitization: Evolutionizer – Enterprise Strategy Suite.

Helmut Lodzik

Founder | CEO

Helmut Lodzik founded Evolutionizer with the mission to support strategy and leadership work holistically and sustainably through latest technology. As Senior Partner and Global Head of Transformation & Restructuring at Management Engineers (PwC Strategy&), Oliver Wyman and in several industries, he spent more than 30 years working directly where strategy and development takes place and key management decisions are made.

He now leverages his experience as CEO of Evolutionizer to keep the company on a sustainable and successful growth path.

Premal A. Desai

Premal A. Desai

Deputy CEO

After his graduate studies in Business Administration and Economic Theory, Premal A. Desai has developed intensive expertise in corporate leadership, strategy development and business steering over the last 25 years. He combines extensive management consulting tenure with a long-standing experience in top leadership functions within a global industrial group. After a decade at BCG he joined the thyssenkrupp Group in 2006. At thyssenkrupp he was in charge of several roles, most notably as Head of Group Strategy as well as CFO and Chairman/CEO of thyssenkrupp Steel.

Premal A.Desai has been part of Evolutionizer as Strategic Advisor since 2020. He now leverages his extensive expertise and serves as Deputy CEO to support the future development of Evolutionizer and its international development.

Gotthard Tischner

Member of the Executive Board | CTO

Gotthard Tischner is an expert in enterprise software and has already co-founded and led several companies to success. Before joining Evolutionizer, he was Partner and Head of Business Analytics Germany at PwC.

Patrick Funcke

Member of the Executive Board | CCDO

Patrick Funcke is an expert in IT architectures and founding partner of Evolutionizer. After studying economics, he worked for more than 20 years at Management Engineers at the interface between strategy consulting and IT. This allows him to move effortlessly between the worlds.

Portrait Martin Erharter

Martin Erharter

Member of the Executive Board | CCO

Martin Erharter leverages his extensive experience as a manager in industry (Sandoz, Novartis) and Senior Partner in management consulting (Roland Berger and Management Engineers). He has been very successful in leading companies through strategy as well as efficiency and effectiveness programs to ensure competitiveness in a digitized world.

Benjamin Habig

Business Development

Benjamin Habig is an expert on the financial industry and the whole Asian cultural area. Before co-founding Evolutionizer, he worked as a consultant for manufacturing industries and financial services. He gained his knowledge in various positions in the financial industry, investment banking and consulting.

Benjamin Habig is responsible for business development at Evolutionizer.

Kürsat Gökce

Managing Partner/Senior Vice President Sales | Partnerships

Kürsat Gökce is an expert in digitizing strategic management processes. Before joining Evolutionizer, he was a Managing Partner of SOLYP GmbH and one of the pioneers of digital support for strategy work in complex organizational environments.

At Evolutionizer, he leverages his big experience from several industries to accompany and support companies and partners on the way to a successful and longlasting collaboration.