November 2020
3 minutes

Successful start of the first digital Solyp User Circle

Kürsat Gökce (right in the photo), VP Sales & Partnerships at Evolutionizer, in a discussion with Dr. Marcus Haberstroh, Managing Director of Bitroad GmbH, on the Use Case Schöck Bauteile and the digital maturity meter.

Many customers followed our invitation to attend the 9th Solyp User Circle – this time in a digital edition. Old business acquaintances from ALTANA, BASF, Evonik, Osram, Rohde & Schwarz, secunet, TDK Electronics, and many more met new contacts such as All for One, ebm-papst, ENGIE Deutschland, GEMA, medac, and many more in virtual space. The positive feedback from participants confirms that we have succeeded in providing Solyp users with valuable insights about Evolutionizer and Solyp in the digital version.

Focus on strategic management

Gotthard Tischner, managing director of the EVOLUTIONIZER GmbH, summarized the most important milestones of the past year and pointed out the steps, which will advance the enterprise further. "Our mission is the digital support of strategy and leadership. Thus "Strategic Management 4.0" with the Evolutionizer own "Corporate Excellence Framework" completes the entire product concept and means the digital process support of strategy, goals and execution".

In addition, the topic of information security plays an important role in 2020: "As part of the TISAX certification, we have now also introduced a security zone concept at all of our offices" and thus the release for information with "very high protection requirements", i.e. strategy, M&A and financial information. In addition, this year we are renewing our ISO 27001 certification and expanding to ISO 27017 and 27018," says Tischner, explaining the latest projects in the security roadmap.

Another important element for the success of the Evolutionizer Group is the personnel development and the strong Strategic Advisory Board. Gotthard Tischner is convinced that "The competencies from the three areas of 'Management & Consulting', 'Software Know-how' and 'Science & Research' continue to make us strong."

Christian Ullbrich, VP Product Management & Marketing at Evolutionizer, provided insights about the latest product developments.

UI and UX will be increasingly used in product development in 2021

While in 2019 the focus was on the technical approach, this year we were able to expand the professional methodology. VP Product Management & Marketing Christian Ullbrich pointed out the current developments: "The Corporate Excellence Framework now describes all sub-processes in the areas of strategy, goals and execution." At the same time, it forms a process framework, "in order to be able to act excellently on the overall company level," said Christian Ullbrich.

The year 2021 will be dominated by product development. The first steps have already been taken and the team has been expanded to include a Senior Product Manager, a Senior UX Designer and a Junior UX Designer. "The completely new product team will help us to reach the next level for the defined professional topics. This is our promise for 2021 that a lot will happen there".

Assessing digital maturity and providing holistic support

How do you measure the digital maturity of your company? And how do you support digitization in your company in the long term? Dr. Marcus Haberstroh, Managing Director of Bitroad GmbH, and Lukas Zechel, Director Ventures of Bitroad GmbH, presented to the Solyp users, using the example of their cooperation with Schöck Bauteile GmbH, how digital maturity can be evaluated and which possibilities their tool offers to accompany digitization holistically.

"The digital maturity level is the basis for a targeted digital transformation," said Lukas Zechel. To get this transformation off the ground at Schöck Bauteile GmbH, they established new agile working methods and tools.

The Solyp platform played a central role in this, "which has helped to achieve long-term stability and establish a stable process within the company," Dr. Haberstroh continued. Bitroad GmbH succeeded in making the workflows at Schöck Bauteile transparent. They were able to monitor the neuralgic process steps and thus always had an eye on whether there was a need for control within the company.

Expanded group of participants for further webinars

The entire Solyp User Circle Team would like to thank all participants and has, among other things, decided to expand the interaction possibilities for the upcoming webinars.

The next webinar on December 1, 2020 will focus on the redesign and porting of ALTANA's strategy process from Solyp3 to the new Solyp 4.0 platform.

We will announce the dates for further webinars in due course by e-mail, on our website and on our social media channels.

We are looking forward to discussing with you some interesting topics!

Your Kürsat Gökce

Our mission at Evolutionizer is to support strategic management with innovative software.

Learn more here about our platform, Solyp 4.0 – Enterprise Cloud for Strategy, and how our technology can support you in the strategic decision-making process and implementation.

Our mission at Evolutionizer is to support strategic management with innovative software.

Learn more about Solyp – Enterprise Strategy Suite and how our technology can support your strategy work. Join our free webinar on 05.10.2021.

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