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April 2021
1 minute

ebm-papst relies on Solyp

We are very pleased to announce that ebm-papst will digitize the implementation of its Corporate Strategy as well as its Business Strategies using Solyp. The Enterprise Strategy Suite will primarily be used for portfolio management of strategic initiatives.

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July 2020
5 minutes

Mission Future Competence

How sustainable are German family businesses? Learn more about the importance of digital sovereignty and the key challenges of transformation projects in our interview with the SME experts Katrin Schwarz and Oliver Stiefenhofer from AYB I About Your Business GmbH.

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November 2014
3 minutes

How to capture more value from your innovations

Many businesses are good at creating value by developing innovative new products and services. But when it comes to capturing that value and turning it into profits, the inventiveness of executives and managers all too often reaches its limits.

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