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July 2020
3 minutes

Why Transformations Fail

Many transformation efforts remain ineffective. And often not because of a flawed strategy, but because the change does not reach the organization sustainably. Taking the organization through a phase of change is one of the key tasks of leadership – and managers should know these 6 risks.

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July 2019
4 minutes

Promoting and developing the personality of people

Developing and promoting people is a plea against changing the personality of people. It is therefore one of the most important tasks of managers to take people as they are.

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March 2017
6 minutes

Top-down, bottom-up or countercurrent process?

One of the central questions which first need to be clarified as part of the introduction or revision of a strategic planning process in medium and large enterprises is the direction of planning.

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September 2014
7 minutes

How to use thought leadership to gain competitive advantage

What do have companies like IBM, Philips, Unilever (Dove), and McKinsey & Company in common? They are all considered thought leaders within their industries. A position which they have attained over many years through large-scale content management programs and hard, dedicated work.

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