Entire strategy process at the division and group level can be mapped with the suite

We can now integrate our 150 strategy processes vertically and horizontally in the suite and aggregate them.

Volker Mansfeld,
Head of Corporate Development
Company profile

ALTANA develops and produces high-quality specialty chemical products. The company provides innovative, environmentally sound solutions for paint manufacturers, paint and plastics processors, and the printing, cosmetics, and electrical industries. The international group’s product range includes additives, special paints and adhesives, pigments, sealants, potting compounds, and impregnating agents, as well as testing and measuring instruments. ALTANA products are distributed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Horizontal & vertical alignment across the enterprise

ALTANA's target was to model its complete strategy process at the divisional and group level in the suite, to introduce it in the globally active company, and to digitize it. The challenge here was the high degree of independence of the divisions, for which there is no central authority to set instructions regarding the process. The heterogeneity within the divisions and among themselves had to be taken up and mapped in the platform.

In the Enterprise Strategy Suite, ALTANA has managed to integrate its 150 decentralized strategy processes and their consolidation vertically and horizontally. The strategy can now be adapted dynamically, the organization's "crowd intelligence" flows in, and thus all relevant information for the strategy process is presented in a consolidated form for the entire company. This simplifies solid management decisions and enables strategy-relevant measures to be taken at an early stage.

Results with the Enterprise Strategy Suite

Reducing the Strategy Execution Gap
Best-Practice Methoden zur Strategieentwicklung & Unterstützung einer dynamischen Strategieanpassung reduzieren das Strategy Execution Gap.
Saving time for strategic management
Die automatische Vergleichbarkeit zwischen Divisionen und Einheiten derselben Division verschaffen Transparenz und ermöglichen schnelle fundierte Entscheidungen im Management.
Analysis & evaluation of available data
Die Daten in der Suite erlauben eine erweiterte Analyse, die KI-unterstützt strukturierte strategische Datenbestände erzeugt.

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