Strategic planning with Solyp: clear and up-to-date

With Solyp, our data is always up to date. The daily discrepancies that arise with Excel are a thing of the past. We also collect qualitative data such as opinions, trends, competitor observations, and more. Solyp puts no limits on us..

Tobias Pröttel, Head of Market Intelligence, OSRAM Licht AG


With approximately 26,200 employees and turnover of € 3.8 billion in 2018, OSRAM is one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers. The product portfolio includes applications – such as infrared or laser – based on semiconductor technology. OSRAM products are used in a wide range of applications ranging from virtual reality to autonomous driving to mobile phones to integrated intelligent lighting solutions in buildings or for growing plants indoors. In the automotive lighting sector, the company is a global technology and market leader. Their business operations are carried out by three business units: Automotive, OptoSemiconductors and Digital.

Mining data gold with Solyp

In corporations of this size, collecting, analyzing and assessing strategically relevant data and information poses a significant challenge that can hardly be overcome without a suitable tool. Since 2012, the company has been implementing its strategic planning with the support of the digital Solyp platform, which replaced the previous SAP system.

All those responsible for strategy certainly agree that the introduction of another IT system usually comes with reservations and frictions.

How to convince employees to accept a new software tool? It’s quite simple: The users do not even notice that a new tool is in use. In this case Solyp was smoothly integrated into the Microsoft collaboration platform SharePoint, with which the employees were already familiar. Using Quick Links, employees download reports or create dashboards and custom presentations without even noticing that the data comes from Solyp.

Results with Solyp

Linking tools

Rather than replacing the tools that are already in use, Solyp intelligently links them together.

Knowledge Storage and Knowledge Management

Thanks to system integrations, all available data and information are bundled in Solyp.

Single Point of Entry

Solyp interfaces with external applications to bundle data and information. Users work with one tool to access all available data.

How can Solyp 4.0 support your strategic work?

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