Worldwide networked information management

With Solyp, all strategically relevant information is centrally available to our strategy departments in one database.

TDK Electronics


TDK Electronics (formerly Epcos AG) is a global manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems. TDK focuses on technologically demanding growth markets in automotive, industrial and consumer electronics as well as information and telecommunications technology. With 22,900 employees in about 20 development and production locations, the company is well-positioned worldwide. Customers receive suitable solutions beyond the standard products.

Strategic planning with a single database

TDK uses our customized software in its strategic planning. Worldwide, around 50 departments enter both hard and soft data into the system. All strategically relevant information is thus centrally available in a single database for the strategy departments.

The Solyp strategy platform for optimizing the annual strategic planning process enables globally networked information management, which brings together all the relevant information.

Those charged with strategic management can therefore collect, present and evaluate internationally comparable data in a consistent manner. Solyp offers company-specific, programmed questionnaires that record not only business metrics but also qualitative data such as market analyzes, trends and competitive scenarios.

Solyp automatically generates consistent reporting with thematically grouped, substantive PowerPoint slides. Depending on the country, different languages and currency units, such as the euro or yen, may be integrated.

Results with Solyp

Information at a glance

All worldwide relevant data and information is combined in one system.

Worldwide Networking

The digital Solyp platform simplifies worldwide employee communication.

Early recognition of trends

Market changes and developments are identified early with Solyp. That way, decision-makers can react early.

How can Solyp 4.0 support your strategic work?

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