Managing references – time-saving and professional

Thanks to Solyp, we can provide the right references with just a few clicks when we go to bid on a new project. This is an invaluable advantage in the tough and time-driven struggle for new customers and projects.

Darya Nassehi, Managing Director
TMG Consultants GmbH


TMG Consultants GmbH specializes in solving complex management challenges for manufacturing companies. For more than 30 years, the company has provided expert advice in the areas of innovation, efficiency and implementation.Through a select network of experts and numerous project locations, the “people from Stuttgart” are making an impact in the world’s most important industrial centers. The company is among the most sought-after for management consulting.

Create reference folders at the touch of a button

Since 2016, TMG has been using the Solyp platform to make its strategic reference management even more efficient: Instead of spending a lot of time and effort sorting out and processing project references, the consultants now use Solyp to filter all projects relevant to the bid with just a few clicks, make selections and create a complete reference folder at the push of a button.

The result is convincing. The reference folder, in clear PowerPoint format, is created in a fraction of the time previously required, and, of course, in TMG´s corporate design. Another advantage: qualitative and quantitative data collected for the individual projects are now directly and easily comparable.

How can Solyp 4.0 support your strategic work?

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