Crisis Management

Create a Single Point of Truth for all information concerning a critical situation. With Solyp, you can collect crucial information directly from the affected areas of your business, inform your decisions with aggregated data and track all counter measures.

Stay ready to act in a crisis situation

Maintain an overview of critical business factors such as liquidity, delivery and production capability.
Collect information quickly: Use a web form to query current assessments of challenges, risks, opportunities and ideas in a structured manner.
Promote organization-wide clarity and focus on the key concerns of the moment. Translate your strategic priorities into tangible goals that are distributed throughout your organization.

Gain an up-to-date view of the situation quickly.

Quick status report

Quickly and easily collect the relevant information in a structured manner and summarize it in a crisis control center

Make the right decisions

Thanks to comprehensive knowledge of the challenges and options at the given time

Closely manage countermeasures

Translate countermeasures into easily reportable goals, results and concrete actions

A single platform for your strategic initiatives

Our crisis management solution, rooted in the Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy. Best-practice processes and methods, rapid implementation, secure and scalable. Learn more about the benefits of the Solyp platform now.
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Selected Features

Consistent & structured
Create & customize easily
Flexible Surveys
Results in real-time
Best-Practice Templates
Tried & proven
Excel & PowerPoint at the push of a button
Interface & Guidance
Simple, user-centered guidance
Data model
Multidimensional evaluation and visualization
Tool configurator
Maximum flexibility without development costs
Integration & Connectivity
Easy connection and integration through standard interfaces

Customized solutions for every process

As diverse as your requirements. Discover more solutions:

Set up a Single Point of Truth for your crisis management

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