Enterprise Cloud for Strategy

Transform your company's strategic management with a single cloud platform.
Use configuration to develop business apps for your processes, or select best-practice applications from the solutions catalog.

Enterprise cloud platform for strategy development & execution

Solyp is designed as a fully customizable platform for optimal strategy development and execution. Based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, the platform maps all strategic management solutions via configuration.

Content catalog with best practice processes & methods

Our growing catalog of solutions is made possible through a cooperative effort between scientific experts, experienced managers and management consultants. You will find standardized solutions for the key tasks in strategic management.

Configure new apps yourself

Your use-case cannot be found in the solutions catalog? Don't worry. Our no-code interface allows you to adapt existing solutions or to build new ones. Our Customer Success Team is there to help, if you need it.

Built-in intelligence

Native machine-learning algorithms help you structure large amounts of information quickly and meaningfully, thus achieving better insights. The algorithms are designed as generic platform functions and are available in all use cases.

Satisfies the most stringent requirements for data security & stability

Solyp is designed to process sensitive data. Therefore, the organization, hosting and platform meet the highest standards for data security.

Integrations & Interfaces

Strategic Management doesn't happen in an ivory tower - that is why Solyp is designed to integrate with other platforms easily via standardized interfaces.

Find out now how Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy can empower you.

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Features that grow with you.

Use existing knowledge from your organization and external sources to identify trends in your environment, market and competition. Evaluate them methodically.
Employee skills, process maturity, performance and business capabilities form the foundation for excellence. Develop the right skills according to your current and desired maturity.
Develop a connected methodical core for analysis, development, simulation and formulation of your strategies. Meet the requirements of your business through individualization.
Ensure that decisions are always justifiable, and coordinate them with stakeholders. Identify the right impulses for adjustments to your strategy, and keep them clear at all times.
Align your strategic goals and activities with those of the entire organization. Achieve this on multiple planning and control levels in a dialog-oriented, top-down and bottom-up alignment process.
Ensure transparency and balance in your initiative portfolio. With clear control of your strategic assumption and their impacts, and of the execution of  your initiatives, you close the loop on Corporate Excellence.

Solyp Solutions

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