Ride the wave of change

The successful companies of tomorrow are those that can adapt and change better than others. Organizations need to get themselves into a state of readiness for change – sometimes before they even know what change is coming.

The convergence of change drivers leads us into a world of dynamic disruption


Global supply and value chains have grown into highly complex systems. A multitude of actors and world regions are interlinked by the multilayered and network-like production processes of goods and services. The current multiple crises have shown how vulnerable these supply and value chains are.


The earth's population is growing rapidly, especially in Asia and Africa. In addition to population size, average life expectancy is also increasing significantly. The major changes in the global population structure are leading to significant social change, combined with the shifting of economic forces and markets.


The amount of data produced every day is growing exponentially: living beings, devices, machines, almost everything can be recorded and tracked. The intelligent use of data is one of the most important challenges and opportunities at the same time to survive in dynamically changing business environments, constant technical change, and cross-industry innovations.


With the Paris Climate Agreement, the signatory states have committed and pledged to do their part to meet the climate target. To become climate-neutral by 2050, the decarbonization of the economy – i.e. the end of fossil energy use and the green transformation of the economy.  


The global distribution of power is shifting – a new world order is not in sight. In the process, the boundaries between politics and business, markets and technologies are blurring. Protectionism and state intervention have become the norm – even German companies operating internationally and interwoven with global supply chains can get caught up in the maelstrom of such disputes.


Changing role patterns, multi-ethnic societies, and breaking gender stereotypes are causing a radical shift in society and the economy toward a new culture of pluralism.

Failing in the future with today's recipes for success

For decades, companies perfected their skills to become more efficient at what they do. In a world of change, they run the risk of efficiently pursuing outdated strategies instead of adapting to changing customer needs.

We call this the Strategy Opportunity Gap

The leaders of tomorrow are winning in the turns

Companies that advance in the world are aiming to increase their competitive advantage especially in times of change, and build the capabilities necessary to adapt quickly and keep their organization together in the turns.



Adaptive enterprises don’t wait for circumstances to force them to change. They actively search out and act on emerging trends and continually monitor their strategic assumptions to see if a change in strategy could be advantageous.
Nurture strategy work as a continuous activity
Understand your ecosystem and think in scenarios
Establish a strong impact & assumption monitoring


Enterprises with the capability to align can stay together while they shift to a new direction by integrating everyone. This shortens the braking distance and improves the degree of efficiency.
Organize horizontal & vertical flow of insights
Go for integration & use a simple methodology
Bridge the gap to financial planning


Leading enterprises don’t go into crisis mode every time change occurs but consider change as a core business process that they can manage internally, with their own resources.
Put strategy work on a broader footing
Balance objectives, initiatives & resources
Leverage the power of Machine Learning & AI
Build an integrated base of culture and execution

Evolutionizer helps you implement the new capabilities for future success.

Enterprises with the capability to align can stay together while they shift to a new direction by integrating everyone. This shortens the braking distance and improves the degree of efficiency.

Enterprise Strategy Suite

Create knowledge and a shared vision.
Focus on strategic outcomes.

Stay ahead.

Boardroom Briefing

Create a shared vision and focus on strategic outcomes.
Monitor the Execution Gap, evaluate  strategic options and disruptive scenarios to find the best strategy for future success.

Easy to deploy, secure and scalable

The Enterprise Strategy Suite is designed as a fully configurable platform for optimal strategy development and implementation. The suite is based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and maps all solutions in strategic management by configuration.