A new era in strategic management has begun. Evolutionizer accelerates your path to the future.

The future success of a business is based on digital strategy development.
Harald Krüger, former CEO BMW AG, Member EMEA Advisory Board of Salesforce, Evolutionizer Advisor
In the future, companies that move quickly and with unity through change will be successful.


Constantly changing market demands mean that companies with overly rigid structures can no longer keep up.

The future belongs to organizations that are proactive, flexible, anticipatory and proactive.

Agility means acting instead of reacting.


With frequently changing needs, leaving the initial path is unavoidable.

Now we see whether an organization can act consistently and cohesively in the face of short-term and unforeseen changes. Only when the organization's forces are marshaled can the change in direction be successful.

Alignment means staying together through the change.


The more complex an organization, the less viable a general, one-size-fits-all strategic approach for all departments.

Organizations that utilize centralized management while enabling each area to respond to the specific demands of the situation are more successful.

Individualization means accounting for the specificities of each situation.

With Solyp we will experience a comparable change in data-based corporate management and control that we have already made in production and logistics.

Heinrich Hiesinger, Supervisory Board BMW AG, Deutsche Post AG, Fresenius Management SE and ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Evolutionizer Advisor

Strategic Management 4.0 with Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy

A single platform for strategy and execution
AI / ML support for analytics and automation
Built-in strategic knowledge – methods, tools and content for all tasks in strategic management (corporate learning)

Strategy implemented end-to-end

With Enterprise Cloud for Strategy, you manage your strategy. Over the years, you build your own knowledge base to promote real corporate learning.

Evolutionizer is your partner for Strategic Management 4.0

180 years
cumulative experience in top management consulting/top management
250 years
cumulative experience in developing enterprise software
3 chairs
are partners for management methods
Ronald Herse Evolutionizer Consultant Expert
Act now. The best moment to start a transformation is before everyone else.
Ronald Herse, Evolutionizer Expert Consultant
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