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The Evolutionizer team is always on the lookout for trends and new developments in Leadership, Strategy and Execution. We analyse and evaluate these changes for you, so that you are always up to date and identify relevant effects for your company easier and faster.

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Evolutionizer Trend Radar
July 2020
3 minutes

Driving Trends of the Digital Transformation

The Corona Crisis has accelerated the digital transformation, which will change the organization and value chain of many companies in the short and medium term. Now is the time to drive digital transformation effectively and sustainably.  We summarized some current trends for you:

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June 2020
4 minutes

6 Trends out of the Crisis Summarized for You

The hard lockdown seems to be over for the moment. Germany and Europe are awakening again. Although the consequences of the crisis are not yet fully visible, clear trends are emerging due to major consulting firms. We, as well, observed these changes, combined them with our practical experience and summarized the most important trend topics for you:

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