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Florian Dreher

As Senior Data Scientist at Evolutionizer, Florian Dreher is responsible for everything from simple statistics to artificial intelligence.

He uses machine learning methods for topics such as predictive analytics, data mining and text mining to make Evolutionizer products even more intelligent.

Florian Dreher worked for an automotive supplier for four years. There he used machine learning to automatically forecast complex product characteristics in order to optimize product development.

As a trained engineer in mechanical engineering, he built up his data scientist skills in a joint project with the Fraunhofer Institute and from then on continuously expanded them on the job.

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Florian Dreher
February 2021
2 minutes

Digitization further accelerates AI developments

Due to the digitization push, the conditions for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) have never been better. These trends will accompany us in 2021.

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June 2019
6 minutes

Strategic insights: From the stockpile of documents to the map of knowledge

In part II of the Strategic insights publication series, we demonstrated practical ways to improve the quality and reliability of forecasting in planning. This article is dedicated to a much greater potential for strategic insights – which can finally be realized thanks to modern methods such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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May 2019
8 minutes

Strategic insights: "Hey, AI, what's your opinion?"

In part I of the publication series Strategic Insights, the potential benefits of extended statistics and machine learning for strategy and planning work were outlined. As a more in-depth introduction to the topic, Part II discusses ways of increasing the quality and reliability of forecasts in planning.

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