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Moritz Weissman

Moritz Weissman is a managing shareholder of the Weissman & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG. He took over the consultancy specializing in familiy businesses from his father, Prof. Arnold Weissman.

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Moritz Weissman
November 2018
3 minutes

“Everything is possible, nothing will remain the same”

Today’s complex world cannot be mastered with the help of the “old” logic. In the media and during events, we more and more frequently meet the term “agility”. But beyond half knowledge, what’s behind this buzzword, and why shouldn’t we underestimate this topic?

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June 2018
7 minutes

Operational or strategic planning?

Operational and strategic planning are not mutually exclusive opposites! In many companies, however, there is a different understanding here.

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