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April 2018
10 minutes

These are the 30 best strategy quotes

Some people have the gift to boil down complex issues into short, catchy statements. May it be with humor, charm, fighting spirit, or simply wisdom. In doing so, they inspire others to question their habitual ways of thinking and acting and even pursue entirely new paths in life.

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March 2017
6 minutes

Top-down, bottom-up or countercurrent process?

One of the central questions which first need to be clarified as part of the introduction or revision of a strategic planning process in medium and large enterprises is the direction of planning.

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July 2015
7 minutes

Tips for effective stakeholder management

The number and interrelations of these stakeholder groups are becoming increasingly complex in today’s connected, globalized world. Yet, still very few companies pursue an active, long-term approach to stakeholder management.

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November 2014
3 minutes

How to capture more value from your innovations

Many businesses are good at creating value by developing innovative new products and services. But when it comes to capturing that value and turning it into profits, the inventiveness of executives and managers all too often reaches its limits.

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