Aligning divisions with corporate goals

Develop strategy top-down with a clear focus on the objectives (OKR, BSC, etc.) and initiatives of the organization. Test scenarios and complete your view by connecting to financial planning and execution.
Dashboard eines Users der Software SOLYP von Evolutionizer

A clear path towards strategic results for all divisions

A thoroughly aligned strategy system enables all units to develop their strategy independently, in line with each other, and with the corporate objectives.

  • Purpose, overall strategic goals, and major initiatives are defined in the management agenda
  • The divisions develop their strategy according to a pre-defined methodology customized to their needs
  • In doing so, they are supported by data provided on market and trends

Generate clarity about each unit‘s contribution to the big picture

Strategic boundaries relevant to the business units are integrated in the strategy process
The strategy process follows a methodology that is customized to fit the specific needs of the company
Trends and market data are provided at the relevant point directly from the strategic database

Plan consistently from strategic and financial planning perspective

For the first time strategic priorities (market, product, initiatives) are comprehensibly linked to financial planning and ongoing execution.

  • Early warnings for change reach all relevant business areas more quickly
  • Impacts of decisions on all business areas can be identified better and adjusted more quickly
  • Increase the ability to adapt when re-evaluating goals or making changes to strategic direction
Integrated strategy end-to-end
Increased adaptivity and responsiveness when strategic parameters change

The low-code suite for your strategy

At Evolutionizer, we know that strategy means a different thing for every company. That is why the Enterprise Strategy Suite is designed to be the most flexible strategy software in the market. It can support any strategy system that you might have in place. The suite is based on the latest future-proof Microsoft technology and has been certified to meet the highest security requirements.

Selected functions of the
Evolutionizer Enterprise Strategy Suite

Highly configurable
Build your individual cloud suite – via our solutions catalog or customized to your needs.
Grow as you go
Your processes have evolved? Your suite adjusts to your needs as you go.
Quick to deploy
With templates and minimal IT requirements, you are up and running in the shortest possible time.
Microsoft technology
Based on European MS Azure Datacenter, the suite delivers the highest performance & security
Fully integrated
Standard interfaces easily connect the suite to your tools – link to MS Office.
Highest Data Security
Evolutionizer complies with the highest standards, including ISO 27001, 27017/18, TISAX and GDPR.