October 2022

A New Approach to Innovation

A digitized innovation pipeline can help organizations to stay resilient, even when facing an increasingly distruptive environment.

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In an increasingly disruptive world, business leaders are facing a multitude of dynamic disruption drivers and challenges, that can result in previously unknown problem dimensions. To stay resilient and successful in this environment, companies must incorporate innovation as a central aspect of their strategic planning and execution – a digitized innovation pipeline can be a decisive factor in this.

Especially complex organizations often struggle with the consolidation and alignment of innovative ideas. Many corporations feel comfortable with the more traditional technology-centric R&D cycles for their products, but still seem to be fighting a losing battle in today’s competitive markets. This might stem from the organizational focus when it comes to innovation itself: Technical advancements at the product level are often managed and encouraged very thoroughly, for example with clearly set goals and established processes for patent applications. Other areas, however, might be less pronounced, with the innovation pipelines lacking the necessary tools to promote the development of process innovations, organizational or business model innovations.

From a collection of ideas to a well thought-out innovation process

This is where a modern approach, supported by a powerful digital toolchain, can enable organizations to transfer a collection of good ideas into an organized and well thought-out innovation process – and to make innovation an integral part of strategy development. Supported by meaningful KPIs, business leaders are able to evaluate innovation initiatives and calculate their potential value, even when they are aimed at business areas outside of the traditional focus fields or even proposing change within the structure of the organization itself.

With a cloud-based platform for collaborative work and established communication channels dedicated to innovation management, corporations are also able to evolve ideas and leverage more of the expertise of its whole workforce. The data-based approach also enables teams and leaders to distribute complex tasks across teams, as well as tracking progress and measuring the success of their innovation initiatives.

To learn about these possibilities and discover the future of innovation management, Evolutionizer invites you to the first event of our new series Success Through Digitized Strategy. Join the discussion about strategic trends at regular intervals and, together with renowned experts, shed light on new developments in digitized strategy management.

In the first edition Innovation Management, we want to make the case for a new approach to innovation within corporations. Get in touch with leading experts in the field of corporate strategy and innovation research and learn how a digitized approach to innovation can help to transform creative ideas into initiatives that create sustainable value and ensure long-term success.

Free VIrtual Event: Business Ecosystems and Adaptive Strategy

Success Through Digitized Strategy

A powerful pairing: Business Ecosystems & Adaptive Strategy

To thrive in the VUCA world, what can we learn from business ecosystems? Discover why adaptive strategies help us to be more flexible and effective in overcoming challenges.

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