A world-class method.

The first end-to-end solution for the proactive management of an entire organization, the Evolutionizer Corporate Excellence Framework includes the concepts, methods and processes for leadership, strategy and execution. The added value and impact to the sustainable development of your company is significant and measurable.

The Corporate Excellence Framework

It includes everything you need, plus sufficient concepts, methods and processes for leadership, strategy and execution. The Corporate Excellence Framework makes for easier and more efficient practices, optimizes management, supports change and revolutionizes strategy execution processes.

The Corporate Excellence Framework covers the complete strategy, end-to-end; this way of thinking is anchored in our Solyp platform.

Strategy Design
Strategic intelligence
Objectives alignment
Capability development
Strategy execution
strategy communication

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Strategic agility is only possible if strategy is managed as an end-to-end workflow.
Carsten Kratz, former Head of Germany BCG DACH, Evolutionizer Advisor

All management processes end-to-end in one integrated system

Corporate Learning with AI and Best Practices

Company value in real time, at a glance

The first enterprise solution for strategic management

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When an organization works very well together in strategic management – then great things become achievable.
Premal A. Desai,
former CEO thyssenkrupp Steel, Evolutionizer Advisor

Solutions for Corporate Excellence

Are you seeking a solution for your own challenge? Don't compromise: Whether a Solyp solution or customized, our technical experts will tailor it to your specific needs.

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Our solutions are based on Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy. Best practice processes and methods, quickly implemented, secure and scalable. Learn more about the advantages of the Solyp platform.

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