Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software

Portfolio management -- perfectly aligned with your resources, strategic goals and capabilities. Ensure that the efforts behind your organization's key priorities are focused and sustained.

How to turn your strategy into the best plan

Plan resources according to capacity across multiple portfolios to arrive at realistic execution plans.
Gain a complete overview of the quantitative aspects of the strategy – What effects can be expected without strategic initiatives, and which will require the different strategy options?
In addition to goals and initiatives, plan business capabilities for your company to achieve in the digital transformation.

Do the right things.

Set priorities

Prioritize the activities that contribute to the strategic goals

Use resources wisely

Prioritize and allocate resources according to content and method

Proactive, agile leadership

Navigate the initiative landscape with an eye toward the future

A single platform for your strategic initiatives

Our solution for intelligent project portfolio management, rooted in the Solyp Enterprise Cloud for Strategy. Best-practice processes and methods, rapid implementation, secure and scalable. Learn more about the benefits of the Solyp platform now.
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Selected Features

Consistent & structured
Create & customize easily
Flexible Surveys
Results in real-time
Best-Practice Templates
Tried & proven
Excel & PowerPoint at the push of a button
Interface & Guidance
Simple, user-centered guidance
Data model
Multidimensional evaluation and visualization
Tool configurator
Maximum flexibility without development costs
Integration & Connectivity
Easy connection and integration through standard interfaces

Customized solutions for every process

As diverse as your requirements. Discover more solutions:

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