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Revolution of Strategy Development

Tuesday, 05.10.2021
6:00pm - 7:15pm

Discover why the well known approaches of the strategy work from the past come to its limits and how matrix organizations ensure strategic readiness.

Speakers of the webinar
Kürsat Gökce & Ronald Herse & Gaston Russi

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Gain time, quality and focus for your digital Strategy Work

With Strategy Development, you guide all participants simply and efficiently through a methodically robust process. By cross-linking the numerous processes, it ensures the needed alignment of content at the right places, at the right time – horizontally and vertically. The result is a coherent big picture across the organization and more focus for your strategy work.

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Kürsat Gökce

Sales | Partnerships

Kürsat Gökce is an expert in digitizing strategic management processes. Before joining Evolutionizer, he was a Managing Partner of SOLYP GmbH and one of the pioneers of digital support for strategy work in complex organizational environments. At Evolutionizer, he leverages his big experience from several industries to accompany and support companies and partners on the way to a successful and longlasting collaboration.

Ronald Herse

VP Domain Engineering

As a partner at Evolutionizer, Ronald Herse is responsible for the development and integration of business content into software for strategy development and implementation. As a pioneer in the combination of integrated management concepts and modern software for anchoring excellent management in complex organizations, he implemented concrete and sustainable solutions in the entrepreneurial practice from very early on.

Gaston Russi

Sales | Partnerships

Gaston Russi has been working for 20 years in the management of leading enterprise software solutions for Fortune Global 500 companies in the area of end-to-end strategy execution. His areas of expertise include  policy deployment (OKR, Hoshin, BSC, EFQM), the systematic implementation of continuous improvement (Operational Excellence, Lean, Six Sigma, KATA) and the use of monetary and non-monetary incentives for corporate management.

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Solyp – Enterprise Strategy Suite

Solyp is designed as a fully configurable platform for optimal strategy development and implementation. The suite is based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and maps all solutions in strategic management by configuration.
Explore Solyp now

Successfully in use in Strategy Driven Companies

Dr. Michael Bretz
Head of Strategic Controlling, BASF SE
The Solyp platform replaced Excel-based strategic planning at BASF many years ago. This ensured greater consistency of strategy data and measures. Simultaneously, the time required to track strategic implementation has been significantly reduced.
Tobias Pröttel
Head of Market Intelligence
With Solyp, our data is always up to date. The daily discrepancies that arise with Excel are a thing of the past. We also collect qualitative data such as opinions, trends, competitor observations, and more. Solyp puts no limits on us.
Evgeni Zapryanov
Senior Manager Regions Development
Evonik Industries AG
With Solyp, we are bundling our portfolio of strategic initiatives across our regions and, in so doing, we will be able to see the planned financial impact, resources needed over time and status of the implementation in a holistic picture.