May 2021
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Strategy execution in companies on track for the future

Artificial intelligence and process digitization dominate the stage at the Corporate Strategy Execution Forum

The conference offered time for individual networking and an exciting exchange at virtual meeting tables. (Image: DangBen/shutterstock.com)

The central challenges facing companies are volatility, transformation, the development of an agile mindset and alignment throughout the organization, according to the unanimous opinion of experts at the 12th Corporate Strategy Execution Forum. At the international conference, around 25 speakers examined the topic of strategy execution using innovative solutions.

Looking ahead: "AI is the beating drum"

In almost all discussions, two points were the most important levers in mastering the challenges in a changing business world: establishing an agile corporate culture and, above all, artificial intelligence.

A corporate culture cannot be prescribed. Profound changes are necessary to build a positive culture. How do you succeed in establishing agile thinking and working methods throughout the organization? It has to grow organically, employees are allowed to develop personally – thus freeing up space for creative thinking and innovative actions. This can directly contribute to the company's success.

"AI is the beating drum," one speaker puts it in a nutshell. This is because artificial intelligence forms the basis for profound data analysis and enables the clustering and linking of this data. Derived from this, management can make strategic decisions faster and counter volatility. Another challenge is to manage and digitize processes and thus make them measurable. Only in this way the existing data in the company can be collected, condensed, analyzed and evaluated at a glance.

Tackle volatility with technology

Carsten Kratz, Senior Partner at Bridgepoint Capital (D-A-CH region) & Evolutionizer Strategic Advisor and Evolutionizer Managing Director Patrick Funcke showed in their keynote "Active Strategy Management – Tackle volatility with technology" how strategy can be successfully implemented in companies in times of great change. "Only companies that are actively facing change can sustain success over long periods of time", Patrick Funcke is certain.

That they struck an important nerve was confirmed by the questions from the participants. "What experience have you made with scenario planning when it comes to strategy development?", "Would you recommend that companies establish a strategy management function/office to help facilitate strategy execution and perhaps also manage the tool?" and "How can you leverage software like this to connect the people on the floor in the daily operations world with the strategy?" are some of the relevant questions in digital transformation execution.

Want to watch our keynote again or share it with colleagues? Here is the video recording of our keynote.

The conference offered time for individual networking and an exciting exchange at virtual meeting tables. Many thanks to all participants for the interesting feedback and we are looking forward to next year!

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