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Business mission

The company mission is aimed at the customers. They should know and experience what the company stands for according to its own standards and what the long-term objective is. The company's mission is therefore the answer to the question "How do we want to be seen by our customers?

The business mission of a company is that fundamental purpose that led to its creation and the fulfillment of all its activities. It is part of the company policy. The Business Mission answers the following three questions: 1. What does the market need? or: What does the customer pay for? ; 2. What is our superiority? Which are our strengths? Or: What can we do better than others? ; 3. Where does our power come from? or: What do we believe in? The interaction of these three elements produces three effects: utility, self-respect, and meaning.

Definition of business mission

The mission thus describes the essential purpose and the actual mission of the company. It shows why the company exists. Ideally, this way, even a certain identification of the customer with the company is possible.

Description of business mission

A mission has to be understood by the customers, it has to convince them. That's why a mission is more than just summarizing key business goals – which it does have to comply. If the goals are derived from the vision and the mission, then there is a great chance that they will be coherent and credible in themselves. Thus, authenticity is also an important principle for the development of the mission. This credibility first arises in the company itself, when employees are involved in formulating the mission, when it is continuously communicated, when it is lived by the leaders and when the goals and actions in the company match. A coherent mission must be developed – it requires the freedom for creativity and spontaneity. At the same time it should have a certain relation to reality, so it must not be completely foreign to the company. But a mission must necessarily be lived day by day in the company. If that does not happen, it loses its power of impact and even runs the risk of being ridiculous – threatening the motivation and commitment of employees and identifying with the company. In the end, the business mission is the light "backpack" that every employee should always carry.

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